Cinco de Mayo and the Road to Mexican Independence

Cinco de Mayo

If you’ve noticed a sudden dearth of avocados, limes, Corona Extras and Jose Cuervo at your local grocery store each May, don’t panic.  Most likely, your neighbors are simply stocking up for Cinco de Mayo, a holiday celebrated in Mexico and all over the United States with delicious Mexican cuisine, far too much alcohol and plenty of fanfare.

 But Cinco de Mayo (“the fifth of May”) is much more than an entertaining way to forget an entire day’s worth of events. The holiday owes its origins to the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, when the Mexican army overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat invading French forces from conquering the state of Puebla. And the victory remains a cause for commemoration nearly 150 years later.

 Today we take a look at the tumultuous history of conquest and revolution in Mexico, and the path leading to its eventual independence.


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