Kudos and Reviews

Deputy Cruise Director’s Note

 And a sampling of the many comments left for Jeana by passengers:



Passenger Feedback

“Fantastic throughout the cruise.  Best lecturer we’ve had, lots of info and fun too!”

Barbara B.

“What an encyclopedic-level of knowledge about all our stops.  And – the canal passage was 1000% more interesting with her narration.  Bravo!”

Margaret A.

“Clear speaking, lovely sounding voice, and best we have ever heard.  She is so full of knowledge and experience.  She is friendly, funny, sincere, willing to chat, and answers any and all questions you might have.  She is one part of this cruise we will miss.”

John & Donna L.

“Jeana is very knowledgeable of all the ports that we visited and made them come alive during her lectures.  She had researched her subjects well and she knew what she was talking about.  Jeana gave excellent and entertaining presentations!  Thank you.”

Mary Anne N. & Wilbert K.

Passenger Comments

“Jeana gave outstanding information for every port stop.  It was filled with shopping, history, and beautiful sights.  Thank you, Jeana.  You did a terrific job!”

Sharlene T.

 “Absolutely fabulous.  Well informed.”

Todd B.

“Not only does Jeana give excellent, useful, well-researched lectures, but she makes herself available to passengers to give expert advice or to research for them.”

Elizabeth G.

“She was very informative in her lectures – a great help when going ashore. Also very friendly when you met her on the ship.  She made going through the Panama Canal a wonderful experience.”

William G. & Laura J.

“Jeana was just great!  Her knowledge of each area is amazing.  Many people commented on her delivery of information.  Easy to understand.”

Leona F.

“Excellent lecturer.  Great information.  Just the kind you need.  Very well presented.”

Dennis & Cecilia H.

Passenger Review

“She was a superb lecturer.  Endless energy getting us knowledgeable for our passage through the Canal and preparing us for each port.  A real natural!”

Paul & Liz S.

 “Her research and port knowledge is “the best”.  She takes time to research answers, makes each port interesting and important.  Aside from work duties – she is a wonderful person to know.”

Jean S.

“Very informative, great talks, available for questions, and we knew exactly what to expect at each port.  Made a huge difference.”

Kathleen P.

“Jeana was a wealth of information and a pleasure to listen to.  Her marathon narration during the Canal passage was outstanding!!  The information on the other ports was very helpful as well.  We were not sure about Acapulco – she helped convince us to go ashore, and we were very glad we did!”

Kristin B.

Passenger Letter

“Personal assistance – she researched a gallery in Cartagena for us.”

Douglas P.

“I have a demitasse spoon collection from around the world -over 30 years of traveling.  But I could not find a demitasse spoon in Panama City before I had to reboard the ship.  Jeana promised to find one and mail it to me at my home!  Jeana is amazing!”

Leila J.

“Found a Starbucks in Acapulco for us to get a mug for a friend.  Gives excellent info on each port and answers all questions.”

Leon & Cynthia S.

“Jeana’s many lectures were both informative and entertaining, and her presentation style is delightful.  Thanks, Jeana.”

Phebe & Bob C.

“She does a fantastic job with info on our ports of call.  Never boring, always interesting and informative.”

Joan M.

“Her lectures were extremely entertaining and informative, making our visits ashore more interesting,  productive and safer.”

Raymond & Fern M.

Jeana’s Presentation Style

Travel News

Enrichment Lectures



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