Clickimin Broch


The archipelago of the Shetland Islands is the northernmost part of the British Isles, and it comprises over 100 islands, though only 17 are inhabited.

The history of the Shetlands?  VERY old.  VERY, VERY old.

Man has lived on these islands for thousands of years.    The Neolithic people arrived first, followed by the people of the Iron and Bronze Ages, who gave way to the Picts (an ancient people of Great Britain), and then the Celts.

The proof – the many Iron Age brochs found throughout the islands.  Brochs, found only in Scotland,  include some of the most sophisticated examples of drystone architecture ever created.  So don’t miss them when you come here.

Among the finds at Clickimin Broch is a Roman-style bowl which was apparently made in Alexandria.  Pretty amazing!

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