Tasermiut Fjord in Springtime


Discounting Australia as a continent, Greenland’s 840,000 square miles make it the largest island in the world.  But 80% of the island, in fact the whole of the interior, is under pack ice some two miles thick!  Not surprisingly, Greenland is known as the Great White Island.

And the ice pack is also very old – so old and so extensive, that Greenland bars specialize in serving customers with ice cubes which are a millennium old!

The ice cap may be forbidding, but the narrow coastal strip, particularly in the south west, is green and mild in summer.  And the small town of Nanortalik sits on this stretch of land.

The town’s name?  Well, it comes from the local fauna.  Because, Nanortalik means … Bear Country!  And in the springtime, the polar bears come south, floating down the coast on glaciers.

Why do most people come here?  To see the skyscrapers!  The skyscrapers of…  Tasermiut Fjord.  Tasermiut, also known as “God’s thumbnail”, is a truly grand fjord leading to a nose of glacier.

Snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, sheer fjord cliffs: the fjords of South Greenland rival those of Norway and New Zealand.  It is a scene you will not soon forget.

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