Qilakitsoq Mummy


Discounting Australia as a continent, Greenland’s 840,000 square miles make it the largest island in the world.  But 80% of the island, in fact the whole of the interior, is under pack ice some two miles thick!  Not surprisingly, Greenland is known as the Great White Island.

And the ice pack is also very old – so old and so extensive, that Greenland bars specialize in serving customers with ice cubes which are a millennium old!

The ice cap may be forbidding, but the narrow coastal strip, particularly in the south west, is green and mild in summer.  And Nuuk, its capital, sits on this stretch of land.

When you are in Nuuk, a visit to the National Museum is a must.  It houses displays of Inuit culture over the past 4,500 years, including several of the 15th century Qilakitsoq mummies.

And, of course, no visit to Nuuk would be complete without a visit to Santa’s house.  But, does Santa REALLY live here?  Or perhaps in Lapland?  Or at the North Pole?   You’ll have to solve that mystery yourself.

To see Jeana’s commentary on Nuuk, Greenland from the Crown Princess Reflections DVD, click on the following link:

Jeana’s Commentary on Nuuk, Greenland


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