Saint Peter Port


Litle Chapel


Somewhere in the middle of the English Channel, the stretch of water that separates the U.K. from France changes its name.  Because the French refer to the Channel as
“La Manche”, which translates to “the handle”.

And situated 70 miles from the coast of England, but only 30 miles from the French coast is Guernsey, an island filled with history, graced with pretty villages, and rolling

At the harbor entrance to Guernsey’s capital, St. Peter Port, you’ll find the town’s ancient guardian – Castle Cornet,  where you can visit the gloomy 13th century dungeons and see weapons ranging from crossbows to muskets to cannons.

Also around the island, be sure to visit Hauteville House, the home of Victor Hugo for 15 years.  It was at Hauteville House that Hugo wrote some of his most famous works,  Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

And don’t forget to make a quick stop at the Little Chapel.  Just 16 feet long, this tiny but beautiful Chapel is decorated with items taken from the sea: seashells, pieces of  china, and pebbles.  Tens of thousands of them!



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