Panama City

The Most Cosmopolitan City in Central America


Whether your port of call is Fuerte Amador, on the Pacific side of the Canal, or Colón, on the Atlantic side, one of the highlights of visiting the country of Panama is a visit to the first city in the Americas on the Pacific Coast.  That would be the capital city, Panama City.

Modern Panama City is possibly the most cosmopolitan and expensive city in Central America.  But did you know that it is actually 3 cities in one?

In addition to the modern city, there are the ruins of Panama Vieja, Old Panama.  This is the original Panama City built by the Spanish in 1519, though it was plundered and destroyed by the notorious British buccaneer Henry Morgan -only 50 years later.

And then there is the “second” Panama City, – the colonial-era Panama City, known as Casco Antiguo.  This sector of the city dates from the 17th century Spanish era – founded after the original city was destroyed.  Its gorgeous colonial architecture is due to both Spanish and French influence, because the Spanish remained in Panama until its independence in 1821, and following them were the French, who arrived in 1880, in the first attempt at building the Canal.

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