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December 2016

This past year has been one of adventure, marvel and great beauty!


“My kids” in Guadalcanal

The year started out in Africa as Jeana sailed with Oceania Nautica to South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and lively exotic Zanzibar.  Enrichment topics included everything from The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela to Post-Apartheid South Africa, and from How Kenya Builds the Fastest Humans on Earth, to Women and Marriage in Africa, and Islam in Africa.


Zulu Cultural Center, South Africa

Then on to South America and Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay, with a special jaunt to Cusco, Peru and Machu Picchu.


Machu Picchu, Peru

Summer oh so wonderful in Europe and the Mediterranean!  On Oceania’s Insignia, Nautica, and Riviera, speaking on topics such as The Glory of the Russian Tsars, Poland’s Road to Freedom, The Architectural Genius of Gaudi, Michelangelo, The Legacy of the Moors, and The Stuff of Fairy Tales in Monaco.


Cheese Making in Sicily

Late summer it was Alaska on Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Topics included Legends of the Gold Rush, Tlingit and Totems, and Drones in Alaska, along with a narration of Hubbard Glacier from the Bridge.


Hubbard Glacier from the Bridge


Autumn found Jeana back on Nautica, heading to Asia and Africa, where she delivered port and enrichment presentations about the Ancient City of Petra, the Temples & Treasures of Luxor and Karnak, the Holy City of Jerusalem, and the Decadence of Dubai, in addition to providing narrative from the Bridge as the ship traversed the Suez Canal.


My Bedouin Host, Wadi Rum

Early winter brought Jeana back home to North America and to the charming Mexican Riviera,  where she spoke of everything Mexican – from port practicalities to art, culture and history.


Cooking Class in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

 Stay tuned!  2017 promises to be just as exciting as 2016! 

April 2015

The last six months were a whirlwind of adventure! 

Autumn found Jeana on the Sun Princess in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, as well as several visits to Sakhalin, in the Russian Far East, where she delivered port and enrichment presentations, in addition to providing narrative from the Bridge as the ship sailed the lovely Shiretoko Peninsula.

Early winter in the northern hemisphere brought Jeana southward to Bali and to Australia, circumnavigating the continent on the Diamond Princess,  where she spoke of everything Australian – from port practicalities to art, culture and history.

The holiday season was made even more special traveling aboard the lovely Oceania Marina from South America across the Pacific Ocean, calling in remote outposts such as Robinson Crusoe Island, Easter Island, and Pitcairn Island, before calling in French Polynesia. Enrichment topics ranged from Wayfinding, the ancient Melanesian art of navigation, to The Real Robinson Crusoe, Alexander Selkirk, to Gauguin‘s sojourn in Polynesia.

Then on to Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji and New Zealand: for three months; Jeana delivered both port and enrichment presentations on the Sea Princess, covering everything from Art Deco architecture in Napier, to Maori history to the Legacy of the Tatau (Tattoo).


Maori Warrior(s), New Zealand 

Jeana is now set to embark on a spring/summer series of voyages through Asia, and the South Pacific, with calls in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the islands of Borneo, Guadalcanal, Samoa, and Hawaii. onboard the Sun Princess.




Jeana in Monemvasia, Greece

Monemvasia, Greece 



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